Add Nominee to your DigiLocker Account

DigiLocker is an application launched by the Government of India under the Digital India Programme. DigiLocker is useful for all age citizens or we can say each citizen’s document starts from their birth i.e. birth certificate and documentation begins such as your Identity documents, educational documents, health documents, financial documents, , death certificate, and after the end of life journey your important documents can also be fetched by your nominee.

There is no longer a need to carry a physical copy of your important documents, and you can stop worrying about losing them.

DigiLocker plays a significant role in everyone’s life since Indian nationals may now readily access their state’s e-district documents in their wallet and all your documents are just a few clicks away.

DigiLocker brings ease to the life of a citizen.

DigiLocker New Feature: Nominee

  • Nominee is the person that you may name in your DigiLocker Application as the person who may be allowed to access your DigiLocker account in future. The nominee can be anyone you deem to be your first relative – your parents, spouse, kids, siblings etc.

Steps to Add Nominee to your DigiLocker Account

Step 1:  Sign in to DigiLocker

Step 2: Go to Menu and choose the Nominee option

Step 3: Click on Add Nominee

Step 4: Fill Details of your Nominee and click on Submit Button

  • Step 5: Enter OTP sent to your Mobile Number and click on Submit Button

Step 6: Nominee is added Successfully


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  1. How can a nominee access details of digilocker in case of emergency? There is no place to see it

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