DigiLocker : Myths & Facts

Hello everyone, today we learn the most misunderstood facts about DigiLocker. You must know how DigiLocker can help to become your most trusted document wallet. Let’s check on some myths & facts about DigiLocker.

Myth 1

DigiLocker is only for storing documents- Friends, this is the biggest misunderstanding regarding DigiLocker. 

Fact 1

NO… A Big NO… DigiLocker is not just a document storage application. DigLocker is for getting your original documents by requesting to issuers in your DigiLocker account. You can get Aadhar, Driving License, PAN, and even now Birth or death certificates (August 2005 onwards) in your DigiLocker. These issued documents are your original document just in digital format. So, you don’t have to carry physical documents every time.

For example, if your college asked you for a CBSE X mark sheet, you can allow their request to fetch your document from your DigiLocker account. How easy!

Myth 2

DigiLocker documents are not valid

Fact 2

It’s not true at all! DigiLocker-issued documents are valid. The issued documents in the DigiLocker system are deemed to be at par with original physical documents.

You can refer to this rule note for more information.


But, you know DigiLocker also provides DigiLocker Drive of 1GB. This free space can be used to upload your documents on DigiLocker Drive.

So let’s make it easy

The documents uploaded is DigiLocker drive is not considered valid

But the documents issued that you can find in the “Issued Document” section are valid.

Myth 3

DigiLocker may not be safe and secure. This is so natural, everyone can feel insecure when it comes to our important documents. They may doubt their safety and security.

Let’s check the fact

Fact 3

Friends, DigiLocker is a safe and secure app. It provides high security. DigiLocker uses 2-factor authentication to provide security to its users.

Do you know about 2-factor authentication? Let me explain.

It confirms it’s you only when you are trying to access your documents using DigiLocker.

It uses two methods to verify your identity by

1. OTP (one-time password) and PIN

2. OTP and Username

for authenticating users DigiLocker asks for a PIN/Username and sends OTP on the registered mobile number to allow access.

Also, when you try to share your issued documents with others. DigiLocker asks for your permission. Nothing can be accessed or shared without your consent.

So, you can trust DigiLocker for your document safety and security.

Stay tuned to know more interesting facts about DigiLocker!

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