Employee verification made easy and secure using DigiLocker

Problem Statement : 
One of the crucial steps of onboarding a new member of the organisation is a thorough background check and identity verification based on the documents shared by the potential employee. XYZ Limited is trying to build an employee onboarding application. As part of it, a new employee or existing employee needs to share his Aadhaar, PAN, and education details. XYZ needs digitally verified documents to validate the authenticity of the employee. How to trust the authenticity of provided documents?

DigiLocker for Simplify Onboarding Process

XYZ Ltd. will integrate with DigiLocker as an authorised partner and build a service for employee onboarding. HR of XYZ will request the employee share the necessary documents, and the employee has to login to his or her DigiLocker account, select the required documents, and share those documents with XYZ Ltd, which will be accessed using the Candidate’s Consent. HR team can trust the shared documents via DigiLocker’s “issued section,” as they are legally at par with the originals as per Section 9 A of the IT Act of 2000. The document comes directly, in real time, from the government’s database, which is the source of truth. 

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