Get HDFC Home Loan Documents in your DigiLocker

New Service Alert! – HDFC Ltd. Home Loan Services are now available on DigiLocker

DigiLocker is your personal digital document wallet where you can safely store and access your authentic documents directly from the issuer. If you have registered in DigiLocker with your Aadhaar, then you get access to authentic documents directly from the issuer. Please note that you can add your Aadhaar to your DigiLocker account anytime.

A new service has just been launched by DigiLocker. You can now access your home loan documents from HDFC Ltd. in your DigiLocker, no need to carry the physical copies! The following HDFC Home Loan documents are available:

1. Account Statement

2. Interest Certificate

3. Provisional Interest Certificate

You can get the above mentioned documents in simple steps:

  • After signing in to DigiLocker, under ‘Categories’, go to ‘Banking and Insurance’.
  • Select HDFC Ltd. and choose the document you want to get in your DigiLocker.
  • Enter your details, viz., Name (as mentioned in Aadhaar), Loan account number, Registered mobile number, Select financial year, 
  • Provide consent, and click on ‘Get Document’.

The documents will appear in your DigiLocker for you to easily access them anywhere, anytime.

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