DigiLocker: A Digital Wallet for Your Important Documents

Go digital is our new practice now a days! We are becoming digital in our life from making online payments to taking online classes and meetings. And we found that it is easy and time saving and more productive too.

So why not we do same to keep our documents handy?

DigiLocker is prove to be digital wallet for our important documents like Aadhar, PAN, Birth Certificate, Driving License, Marksheets or COVID Vaccination Certificate. The Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) under the Digital India Cooperation (DIC) has launched a new platform called DigiLocker under the Digital India Initiative. DigiLocker gives you hassle free solution to keep your important documents secure. You can also share your documents using DigiLocker with others. It can be at your job interviews or when you forgot to keep your driving license in your pocket! You can tackle this scenario by sharing your documents through DigiLocker. It also lessen the need of keeping your physical documents at risk. There is chance to losing a document while carrying it physically.

How to use DigiLocker?

To use DigiLocker, you have to create an account with DigiLocker by entering the Aadhar number and mobile number. You can visit the official website of DigiLocker, which is digilocker.gov.in or you can download DigiLocker app on android phone from Play Store and on iPhone using the App Store. It uses Aadhar as the verification, so make sure that the mobile number and other details are as per the Aadhar details.

Security is the key!

DigiLocker uses 2-step authentication. It first sends an OTP to the registered mobile number and then asks for a six-digit PIN that works as a password for the DigiLocker account. By creating an account, all your documents will be easily accessible and sharable.

You can access documents in DigiLocker at anytime and anywhere! DigiLocker uses Aadhar to verify the identity of individuals and allows access to the documents. With DigiLocker you will experience the safe and secure cloud based storage for you documents, sharing documents as well as verifying documents and certificates. DigiLocker ensures registration first, then verification, and only after that fetching of documents is possible. DigiLocker is a government-initiated platform, so it is trusted by a majority of the people. It uses 256 Bit SSL encryption. DigiLocker didn’t sell or give data to any other organization. 

DigiLocker allows sharing of the data only after your explicit consent and it is regulated by the government. So, it is fully secure.

Authentic documents issued on DigiLocker

The DigiLocker documents are considered authentic documents and are accepted by all the government authorities. DigiLocker’s issued documents are considered original documents according to the Information Technology Act, 2000. DigiLocker currently has 101.29 million registered users, and the app has issued around 4.94 billion documents, so far. It shows that people are accepting DigiLocker for storing their documents and so contributed a lot in Digital India Initiative.


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